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Spectacular View from the Vedanta Temple

Santa Barbara Photo of the Week by Bill Heller. (click to enlarge)

The view from the Vedanta Temple steps in Montecito during a particularly amazing sunset. From this spot you can clearly see the Santa Barbara Harbor and Stearns Wharf in the distance. The evening this was taken the weather in the hills above Montecito was changing quickly and it looked like you could reach up and touch those clouds.

-Bill Heller

6 Responses to “Spectacular View from the Vedanta Temple”

  1. MacAttack

    Yes! Photos finally coming through on my Mac. Fabulous and so happy to be back in the appreciative groove here.

    I could only wish these could get archived somewhere so we can all pretend we really did live in Paradise with the mere click of a mouse and an URL that lets us send out our blessed lives to the rest of the world — with full copyright protection and proprietary benefits for the the resident artist who has so generously shared his passionate eye with the rest of us.

    • In the top navigation bar, see Columnists and Topics. Drop down to Santa Barbara photos and you can see all of Bill’s beautiful shots in one click.

  2. Anonymous

    I always forget about that wonderful bookstore. Thanks for the reminder and a heck of a shot!!!

    • Thank you! And the thanks always goes out to a Santa Barbara View reader for the shots at the Vedanta temple. This is a spot that was shared with me by a reader years ago. If you have a favorite spot you would like to see featured (or one you would like to see more of) please share it with me!

      • el_smurfo

        have you been around the old ucsb campus up near the riviera theater? some beautiful architecture up there.

        • Yes I have, scoped it out for a project a couple of years ago. But thanks for reminding me I should take a trip back up there. I’m wondering what I can see with my elevated rig, might be an even more spectacular view than usual.