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Stabbings in Santa Barbara, California

Being a views, not news site, we’re looking for a way to cover the recent array of stabbings in the city. Eight years ago, a stabbing in the American Riviera would haveĀ  shaken the community, now it’s common place. To easily cover stabbings/ shootings, while keeping it on the forefront of people’s attentions, a counter has been added to the right-hand side bar, “Days Without a Stabbing in Santa Barbara.” Each time an incident occurs, we’ll reset the clock and see how far we can get without a violent act.

Tuesday night at 10:49 p.m., a homeless man was reportedly stabbed to death in a parking lot on East Carrillo Street. He was 57. The counter will start there.

One Response to “Stabbings in Santa Barbara, California”

  1. Punch Drunk

    Do bum fights in front of the Art Museum count, if no one gets stabbed? How about just getting punched out. Think you need to re-set the clock back to zero.