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Date in Santa Barbara History… De la Guerra Born

delaguerraJosé Antonio Julian de la Guerra y Noriega was born on March 6, 1779, at Novales in Santander, Spain. De la Guerra, commandante of the Royal Presidio, was considered the most influential Spanish-born resident of Santa Barbara at the time of the American take-over of California. He retained ownership of five of the choicest ranch grants in Southern California, and his home, Casa de la Guerra, is today the best known Spanish-era residence in Santa Barbara, California.

4 Responses to “Date in Santa Barbara History… De la Guerra Born”

  1. ChumashWisdom

    “In my Father`s Father`s time, when you landed on these shores,
    we welcomed you with open arms,& opened our lodge doors..
    We smoked our pipe,we shook hands,declared each-other friends,
    But I see your new beginning,was the beginning..of the End”.
    So you say you want a home, where the buffalo can roam,
    And the deer & the antelope do play?..
    Well we gave you what you asked us for, but still you wanted more & more,
    and now you`ve gone & chased them all away!.
    Now what do I tell my hungry child,with no food on her plate?,
    when she see`s your babies, she cannot live on hate..
    So don`t feed us empty promises, & tell us no more lies,
    We ain`t signin no more peace-treaties, we won`t be subsidized.
    Yes, today you hold us in your hands,like little baby birds..
    But White-Buffalo-Calf is coming soon,so Brother mark my words,
    cause when that day arrives,oh you`ll see an Indians worth,
    Red Nation will arise again to reclaim Mother Earth,
    then you`ll ask yourself “What have we done, & where have all the flowers gone”?…
    Creator came & took them all away..

    • Anonymous

      You forgot to mention the all you can eat seafood buffet and loosest slots in santa barbara county, but nice guilt trip, kemo sabe

    • Good god, give it a rest. You’re just not all that “special.” Lots of indigenous people everywhere, even in white bread Europe. None have any special claims or “spiritual powers.”

  2. Anonymous

    ‘Well we gave you what you asked us for and you still wanted more and more’ sounds familiar. Tell the hungry child with no food on her plate to talk to Vince and make sure shes getting her cut of the casino profits. And make sure pops, drunk on casino money, gets to the grocery store.

    ‘When you landed on these shores’, meaning the Spanish European explorers I guess? Still wearing those surnames with pride I see.

    Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.