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Where the Rubber Meets the Curb

16 Responses to “Where the Rubber Meets the Curb”

  1. That’s nothing compaired to the intersection of Cabrillo and Bath.
    That extension of the island gets me every time I make a left turn onto Cabrillo at night.

    And, have you seen the new curbs at East Valley Road and San Ysidro? Its an obstacle-course for pedestrians, and a thrill ride for wheelchairs. Someone is going to be injured there for sure! What a collosal waste of money!
    Who are the people responsible for these civil engineering atrocities?

  2. Actually i am responsible for them. We place them around the City to weed out the bad drivers who have no idea how to drive.

  3. Its easier to cut the corner like that! watch out sidewalk hogs!

  4. The bulb out at the intersection of Laguna and Mission is one of the most ill conceived in Santa Barbara. To make a right turn from Laguna on to Mission going east, the bulb out forces one into the northbound lane on Mission. If the northbound vehicle is a SUV, a truck or a bus, the turn becomes almost impossible. Thank you, View, for bringing this intersection to public attention.

  5. Upper East a garage sale for failed traffic schemes

    Lots of things wrong all over the Upper East neighborhood. The worst being when the Transportation Department turned Santa Barbara and Anacapa into one way streets south of Mission. This failed scheme destroyed lovely, historic residential neighborhoods and turned them into noisy downtown speedways where neighbors now live in imposed isolation.

    In addition, drivers are left confused all over this part of town, because sometimes there are four way stops and sometimes there are two way stops and sometimes there are one-way streets and sometimes there are two-way streets. For the unwary, this is a recipe for accidents and constantly screeching brakes.

    Because the city uses this residential neighborhood as part of its overall traffic management system, this confused collection of traffic demands created one huge mess. They spread out traffic going downtown onto residential streets and then put in obstructions like bulb-outs and mini-roundabouts for all the traffic moving in and out of Mission Canyon at the same time. Plus daily, confused tourists can’t figure out why you can’t get to the Mission on Mission Street. It is a deadly combination.

    Then add the traffic going to the multiple large churches in this same area every Sunday morning that additionally burdens Upper East streets and parking with no zoning restrictions. This area deserves kinder attention than the traffic miss-mash it has become.

    City has turned the Upper East into a garage sale of failed traffic plans. It deserves better.

  6. Anonymous

    Right across from an elementary school nonetheless. These extensions put the kids right smack dab into the street. Never have gotten this.

  7. This is city level gov (who you voted for) doing for you because the people cannot take care of self! same stuff the fed is doing just a lower level. Inform yourselves people!

  8. “Plus daily, confused tourists can’t figure out why you can’t get to the Mission on Mission Street.”….LOL What the hell does this have to do with the TransPo dept? ( curbs or no curbs, i have no problem getting to the Mission on Mission St.) Also explain what street is NOT a residential neighborhood? Also, look on the internet and learn more about stop signs before you spout off. Its like saying, sometimes there are green lights, sometimes there are red lights… and that confuses people into accidents (technically this is true)

    • Your city staff hard at work – confused, insulting answers and refusal to acknowledge the problem. Hey, they get paid anyway. Better signage alone will direct confused tourists to the Mission when they get confused on Mission Street. Do a listening tour in this area and see how you can help, is the better response.

  9. Gee thanks, if i actually worked for the City i would have gone mad with all the idiot people and complainers. I am just sayin that it amazes me that there is this level of conversation. I drive a large commercial truck in this town for delivery, and i cannot believe people can not manuever around easily with a car or bicycle. These people should have their licenses revoked! I guess the government is a good target; this is America.

    • Still trying to figure out how you can speak for confused tourists who can’t find the Mission from Mission Street and don’t understand the miss-mash of streets and signs in this area, when you claim your own knowledge of the city streets comes from being a local truck driver. However, for a moment, I did get you confused with our city transportation staff. Mea culpa.